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INUTEQ® use CrodaTherm™ in personal body cooling

Our experts in bio-based chemistries, worked with INUTEQ to provide safe in use, bio-based phase change materials (PCMs) for their personal cooling products.

INUTEQ are world leaders in developing and manufacturing personal cooling technologies and products, creating the best possible solutions to keep people and animals comfortably cool and avoid heat stress symptoms. 

 Ir. Ron Verweij, CEO of INUTEQ  said,

“Our customers value a sustainable, non-hazardous, high performance cooling technology and Croda provides exactly what we need.” 

INUTEQ PCM cooling vests nurses

The need: application of phase change materials for body cooling

INUTEQ customers value sustainable and non-hazardous, high-performance technology. It was therefore essential for INUTEQ to move away from the paraffin PCMs in their cooling vest products to a bio-based alternative. This enabled the highest standards of safety, material compatibility and performance to be achieved.

INUTEQ required PCMs with the below application specifications:

  • Body cooling during demanding physical activity
  • Cooling in a variety of environments around the globe
  • Safe in use status with no chemical labelling
  • Long-term compatibility with encapsulation materials, offering maximum cooling effects, time and time again.

The solution: CrodaTherm™ bio-based wax phase change materials

A selection of CrodaTherm materials with different melting points were suggested to meet the INUTEQ specifications and ensure that the cooling vests would perform in many different environments.

Our team members based in Gouda, Netherlands, also worked with INUTEQ to develop a PCM that could provide temperature control at 15°C, this development work was successful in allowing INUTEQ to move away from the previously used paraffin PCMs in their products.
Our technical team worked closely in supporting INUTEQ throughout the development to ensure:
  • Advice was given on colouring the PCM’s for different temperatures
  • CrodaTherm phase change materials were fully compatible with the encapsulation materials
  • Longevity of the product could be verified.
All CrodaTherm PCM’s provided to INUTEQ for consideration met the below criteria: 
  • High flash point
  • Long term stability
  • High latent heat capacity
  • No corrosive properties
  • No flammable labelling
  • USDA bio-based certification.
The longevity of all supplied CrodaTherm PCM products was tested in accordance to RAL guidelines, and met their threshold, achieving more than 10,000 cycles of solid-melt cycles with no significant drop in latent heat capacity.

Published by

  • Kyle Thompson Marketing Coordinator
INUTEQ cooling vest

The result: high performance personal cooling technology

INUTEQ supplies cooling vests, containing CrodaTherm bio-based phase change materials, around the world.                                         

INUTEQ cooling vests help to reduce heat stress, promote increased performance and productivity by keeping the wearer cool for up to 4 hours. INUTEQ products are used in many demanding professions and environments including construction, athletics, and motorsports.

Unlike paraffin and salt hydrate PCMs, CrodaTherm products are bio-based, environmentally benign and do not require flammable or corrosive labelling.
inuteq pac


INUTEQ have capabilities to make bespoke cool-pack systems for various applications that can cool to 6.5°C, 15°C, 21°C, 24°C and 29°C.

INUTEQ has an exclusive technology partnership with Croda, the global leading company in bio-based chemistries. 

The INUTEQ-PAC® cooling inserts, are powered by the unique CrodaTherm™ biobased Phase Change Materials (PCM) and are USDA certificated as 100% bio-based and REACH compliant. 
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