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Demulsifier webinar

Join Lead Applications Scientist, Leong Kin Hong, in a live one hour webinar on 5th August, where he will be discussing fundamentals of demulsification. Kin Hong will also be introducing our range of demulsification chemistries such as resin alkoxylates, polyimine derivatives and modified polyols, that are capable of treating a wide range of emulsions under the most demanding field conditions.

Register today here and have the opportunity to ask Kin Hong any questions regarding demulsifiers or request product samples for your formulations. See you there! 

Please note that this event has been created specifically for our customers in Asia, if you are outside of Asia and wish to speak with us about your demulsification needs, please contact us. 

Event type: Webinar

Demulsifier webinar - Asia (event times are GMT+8)

In this live, 1-hour webinar one of our Lead Application Scientists will discuss demulsifiers which are critical additives used in crude oil processing to separate crude oil from water. During refining, the presence of water can induce corrosion and reduce the efficiency of crude oil distillation. To facilitate the economical removal of water from crude oil, demulsifiers from a wide range of chemistries can be used.

Event location
Online live event
Event date
5 August 2021
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