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International Colloquium Tribology (TAE)

Event type: Exhibition

International Colloquium Tribology 2022

Join the leading event on the topics of lubrication, additives and tribology in Europe. Our conference provides an international exchange forum for the industry and the academia. Leading university researchers present their latest findings, and representatives of the industry inspire scientists to develop new solutions.

At the virtual event this year, we will be giving three presentations. These will be:

  • Kevin Duncan

"Liquid Amides – Novel, High Performance Base Oils"

Tuesday, January 25 13:00 GMT - 13:30 GMT

  • Dr Gareth Moody

"Improving Gear and Thermal Efficiency of Electric Vehicle Fluids Using Group V Base Stocks"

Wednesday, January 26 15:00 GMT - 15:30 GMT

  • Stefan Bill

"Longer Lifetime of Wind Turbine Bearings and Gears Using Phyllosilicate-Additives"

Thursday, January 27 8:00 GMT - 8:30 GMT

Event location
Event date
25 - 27 January 2022
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