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Our Approach

Sustainability is integrated into every element of our business model, and we create long-term sustainable value by engaging with customers, creating, making and selling speciality ingredients. Everything we do begins and ends with you, and we are committed to understanding your requirements and unmet needs.

Customer unmet needs, engage, create, make sell and achieve customer benefit=

Combining sustainability with innovation

As an industry, product performance is the primary consideration when designing additives, base oils and finished lubricants. A product must deliver outstanding performance benefits for our customers. 

As part of our innovation processes, sustainability criteria are now also considered at the very beginning and there is a greater drive to ensure that sustainability is maximised in every new product we create. In designing new additives and base oils we aim to deliver performance benefits such as improved energy efficiency, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved durability, whilst minimising any negative impacts on the environment. We look at whether we can raw materials can be sourced more sustainably, or whether we can use bio-based ingredients or lower energy processes. Our innovation processes build in more "lifecycle thinking", and evaluate the impact a product can have across the whole lifecycle, including its source, during customer use and at the end of its useful life. 

Product LifecycleAre you challenged with meeting the ever-changing demands and do you require a more sustainable solution without compromising performance? Contact us to discuss your needs and we will work closely with you to develop innovative and sustainable ingredients that work in your application.

Safe and sustainable by design

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