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Sustainability : “ Fundamental to who we are and what we do

     - Steve Foots, Group Chief Executive

For us sustainability means doing business the right way; environmentally, socially and financially. Our ambition is to create, make, and deliver solutions to tackle some of the biggest challenges the world is facing, and we aim to be the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients.

Croda have made a commitment to be Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030, and our contribution is vital to ensure that these ambitious targets are met. We are also aligning our efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and embed these 17 SDGs in our strategic thinking in order to contribute to a more sustainable world for both people and planet.

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Report: Sustainability Report 2020

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What is Climate, Land and People positive?

Watch the video

Listen to Stuart Arnott, President Sustainability introducing our 2030 sustainability goals and explaining why sustainability is so important to Croda. 

We dare to imagine a brighter future 

The markets in which we operate are heavily driven by legislation, as well as a more voluntary ambition to preserve and protect our environment and our planet. In 2019, the European Green Deal was established as a strategy and roadmap by which to reverse our negative impacts on the earth and globally, companies are now aligning their efforts and business activities with the UN SDGs. 

There is a real momentum building to move forward and to move faster on sustainability. Businesses are taking action. Whilst climate change is creating a huge push, it is recognised that this can’t be at the expense of other important social, economic and environmental factors; we can’t simply shift the problem from one area whilst creating problems elsewhere. 

Within our area, it is a truly fascinating, dynamic and pivotal time. Through our commitments, innovation expertise and our togetherness, we can dare to imagine a brighter future and make a lasting difference.  

How are we taking action? 

Sustainability is integrated into every element of our business model, creating long-term sustainable value by engaging with customers, creating, making and selling speciality ingredients in line with our Purpose, Smart science to improve livesTM

Everything we do begins and ends with you, and we are committed to understanding your requirements and unmet needs. We then set to work in twinning our innovation expertise with our position as leaders in sustainable ingredients to create the competitive advantage for you. Our innovation and new product development process is aligned with the UN SDGs, so that we not only create unique, patented and protected ingredients that most importantly perform in the application, but which are also safe and sustainable by design. 

Are you challenged with meeting the ever-changing regulatory demands and do you require a more sustainable solution without compromising on product performance?

Contact us to discuss your needs and we will work closely with you to develop innovative and sustainable ingredients that work in your application, whilst at the same time preserving our environment for the years to come.   

Do you want to understand more about our sustainability approach?