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Energy Technologies

Battery technologies

We have applied our expertise in functional fluids and surface modification to batteries, creating novel dielectric base oils and unique battery additives.

Having developed a deep understanding of our chemistries over decades, we are able to apply this know-how and solve practical problems during the energy transition. In battery manufacturing our dispersants help improve processability of electrode slurries, whilst providing performance benefits such as improved capacity retention. Meanwhile, our dielectric ester base oils provide opportunities to improve the sustainability, performance, and material compatibility of final formulations.

Our ongoing research and development ensures that we are able to help to optimise processes, save energy, and maximise the performance of your systems.

Close up view of a vehicle battery using battery dispersants

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Explore the relevant application areas below to find out more about how we can help you optimise your processes and system performance. 

Close up of a technician with a gloved hand working on electric vehicle and battery cooling and thermal management

Dielectric fluids for batteries

Enhance thermal performance, fluid stability and material compatibility in a final dielectric fluid formulation.

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Battery for an electric vehicle

Battery dispersants

Optimise processing slurry viscosity and increase conductive carbon distribution to improve capacity retention and electrochemical stability.

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