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Three industrial machines with lubricated chains harvesting a field of crops

Chain oil additives

We supply base oils which are used in chain oil formulations for a wide range of applications, including high temperature and food grade chain oils. Our base oils aid lubrication of chains to allow the free movement of components and to prevent excessive wear.

As chains run permanently in the mixed friction regime, they are subject to high stress and impact loads. Inadequate lubrication causes excessive wear which can result in: 

  • Decreased lifespan of chain and sprockets
  • Chain lengthening and erratic travel 
  • Increased power consumption to drive the chain.
Close up view of oiled and lubricated chains and gears

Our additives for chain oils 

We are a global supplier of synthetic base oils for use in many chain oil applications including power transmission, control chains, lifting, conveyor or transportation systems and high temperature processing. Applications are dependent on temperature and thereby base oil selection, as highlighted in the table below: 

Temperature             Application  Recommendation  
 <150°C  Transport, agriculture, mining and food contact (FDA & NSF)  Mineral oil, veg oil, diester, PAO or PAGs 
 150 – 220°C  Bakeries  Water soluble PAGs or PAO/ esters 
 180 – 250°C  Automotive and beverage can painting   Trimellitates or dimer esters 
 220 – 300°C  Textile setting, MDF board and plastic film stretching   Dimer esters or polyol esters 
 >600°C  Kilns in pottery, tile, brick and cement industries   PAGs as carrier for solid lubricants (e.g. graphite) 

We have synthetic base oils for low, medium and high temperature applications, NSF HX-1 registered products where incidental food contact is of concern and a biodegradable, low toxic range for environmentally acceptable lubricants. 

Compared to conventional mineral oils, our products can provide special performance characteristics such as: 

  • Good lubricity
  • High thermal and oxidative stability
  • Clean decomposition
  • Water solubility.

Brochure: Chain oils

Conveyor belt with chains operating at high temperatures as it transports rubble from a quarry
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Explore our industry leading base oils additives by the most relevant application area below. 

Lubricated industrial conveyor belt operated by oiled chains in a food processing factory

Food grade chain oils

High-performing base oil additives for food grade chain oil applications.

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Close up view of chains using high temperature chain oil in a textiles production factory

High temperature chain oils

Industry leading synthetic base oils for high temperature chain oil applications.

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image of man with regulatory food safety clipboard

Require a food grade lubricant additive?

We can help you meet regulatory demands

Many of our products are designed for use in the processing, production, manufacture, and packaging of food products. It is therefore essential that they not only provide the required technical performance, but also comply with industry and national regulations for food contact. Read more to find out about our regulatory information. 
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