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Conveyor belt with chains operating at high temperatures as it transports rubble from a quarry

High temperature chain oils

We are a leading supplier of synthetic base oils for use in many high temperature chain oil applications including conveyor systems, stenter frames for textiles, food processing, plastic film stretching, fibre board manufacturing, ceramics, and many more.

Correct lubrication of chains is essential to prevent excessive wear, which can lead to chain lengthening and erratic travel, increased power consumption and a reduction in lubricant adhesion to the chains. It is also important to avoid residue build up which can lead to maintenance problems in terms of time and cost. 
Close up view of chains using high temperature chain oil in a textiles production factory

Esters for high temperature chain oils: 

Use of our high temperature chain oil esters can provide the end user with many benefits, including:  

  • Financial savings due to reduced lubricant consumption
  • Cost savings through reduced power consumption
  • Improved productivity through reduced down-time for repairs
  • Lower maintenance costs. 

Tailoring your lubricant to its specific operating environment is crucial. Compared to conventional mineral oils, trimellitates and polyalphaolefins (PAOs) base stock, our Priolube™ esters can provide special performance characteristics including:  

  • Formulation of lubricants in the viscosity range 68 – 320 mm²/s
  • High oxidative stability
  • Low volatility below 250°C
  • Low deposit formation upon decomposition to prevent build up on chains
  • Excellent lubricity. 

Our Emkarox™ VG/W polyalkylene glycols (PAG) grades also volatilise at high temperatures to leave no sticky residues. They are excellent base oils for solid lubricant dispersions that experience temperatures above 600°C.

Brochure: High temperature chain oils

Conveyor belt with chains operating at high temperatures as it transports rubble from a quarry
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Recommended products

Priolube™ 1889

Priolube™ 1889

A high-performance and highly viscous, thermal and oxidatively stable ester that is suitable for use as a base fluid in high temperatures.

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