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Compressor fluids

Lubrication is vital for efficient compressor operation and the correct use of high quality lubricants can substantially extend compressor life, providing maintenance and production savings in the longer term.

Esters & compressor fluids

We provide a broad range of both synthetic ester base oils (Priolube™) and polyalkylene glycols (Emkarox™) for use in compressor formulations. Both technologies play a critical role in sealing, preventing corrosion and wear, and protecting internal metal parts. Our ester ingredients provide a multitude of benefits to both the formulator and the end user. These are highlighted in the table below: 

Ester feature Formulation benefit  End user benefit 
Provides excellent lubricity Reduces valve deposits Extends equipment life
Protects against wear Extends drain intervals/reduces consumption Ensures safer operational use at high temperatures
Delivers low coefficient of friction Increases energy efficiency (up to 10%) Reduces maintenance costs and downtime
Improves thermal stability Improves operating temperature range Improves safety performance
Gives improved heat transfer characteristics Imparts viscosity stability Reduces disposal costs

Brochure: Air compressors

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Recommended products

Priolube™ 1939

A highly oxidatively stable, low volatility, hydrolytically stable ester providing enhanced lubrication performance.

Priolube™ 1941

Priolube 1941 is a high oxidatively stable ester that provides enhanced lubrication, particularly for high temperature applications.

Priolube™ 1973

Priolube 1973 is an ISO 46, oxidatively stable, biodegradable and hydrolytically stable ester, suitable for use in a wide range of automotive and industrial applications.

Priolube™ 1889

A high-performance and highly viscous, thermal and oxidatively stable ester that is suitable for use as a base fluid in high temperatures.

Priolube™ 2500

Priolube 2500 is a biodegradable, synthetic lubricant base fluid and is suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

Priolube™ 3970

Priolube 3970 is a low viscosity, oxidatively stable, low deposit forming polyol ester. Priolube 3970 is a high performing lubricant and as it is a polyol ester it therefore has excellent oxidative stability and wear performance.

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