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Two onshore drilling rigs effectively extracting oil from the ground using drilling additives

Oil drilling additives

Drilling fluids are crucial to the success and safety of oil extraction. We understand that oilfields differ according to geographical location, and that no well boreholes are the same. There are many influencing factors to be considered when drilling operations are to take place, including:

  • Geographic location
  • Rock formation and stability
  • Direction of proposed drilling, either vertical, angled, or horizontal
  • Pressure and temperature of the downhole
  • Depth of the hole to be drilled.

The factors above will have an influence on the drilling fluid composition, and the fluid should be uniquely tailored to the operation to achieve maximum drilling efficiency and performance, as well as maintaining strict safety standards.

Our technical experts can provide advice to help you with the formulation of drilling fluids. We have successfully helped to develop optimised solutions tailored to specific requirements. Working with you, we can help with product selection specific to your challenges, dosage rates, and formulation advice.

drilling machinery on land

What is a drilling fluid?

Drilling fluids, often referred to as muds, are in liquid form and in many cases the composition is initially determined in a lab so that a suitable fluid is formulated on a larger scale. Firstly, the drilling fluid must provide a medium for transport of rock and other debris to the top of the well and must show good compatibility with rock to be drilled, which could include limestone, sandstone, granite, dolomite or a composite. 

However, the fluids have a vital role to play elsewhere in the process and are formulated to deliver a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Protection of the expensive drill shaft and bits
  • Lubrication
  • Corrosion control
  • Cooling.

Drilling fluids used today can be water-based, oil-based or synthetic-based. 

We can help you reach the unknown

Our CrodaDrill™ range of additives are designed specifically for water-based drilling formulations. These non-toxic lubricity additives are designed to reduce torque and drag in water-based drilling fluids and give an increased rate of penetration (ROP), for faster, deeper and highly deviated drilling. The CrodaDrill range is compatible with most conventional drilling fluid additives, provide excellent formulation flexibility and show high performance in both fresh water and brine systems, as well as in high density formulations containing high levels of calcium or potassium salts.

EstaDril™ 4000, is a proprietary blend of surfactants formulated to reduce friction in water-based drilling fluids and even provides a similar lubricity to oil-based fluids. It offers the same benefits as the CrodaDrill range above and in addition has a minimal environmental impact.

Brochure: Lubricants for water-based drilling systems

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Pripol™ 1017

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