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Engine oils

We create, make and sell engine oil additives and base oils tailored to specific customer needs.

Driven by evolving legislation, increasingly tough original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approvals and an uncertain energy transition, the engine oil formulator must continue to innovate and adapt. Having worked with formulators for decades, we can help you overcome emerging challenges by developing new products and chemistry for you to achieve your goals.

Through many years of working in the automotive industry, our team of technical specialists have the relevant experience necessary to offer advice in respect of product selection and treat rates in order to help deliver optimum engine oil performance for traditional transportation, and electrified transport.


To support you in meeting new and evolving standards with your formulations, we can offer a premium range of high performance products in the following applications:

Passenger cars

Our motor oils enhance fuel economy of passenger cars and help original equipment manufacturers meet emissions legislation.

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Heavy duty diesel engines

Polymeric friction modifiers, ester base oils and surface repair additives for heavy duty diesel engines.

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Motorcycles / two stroke

Overcome engine oil formulating challenges for four stroke, manual transmission, wet clutch motorcycles by reducing friction.

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Reduce maintenance costs, improve surface conditions and minimise downtime with our unique lubricant technology.

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