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Vehicles driving over a complex highway system using fuel additives

Fuel additives

Additives are increasingly critical in the formulation of fuels to support the advances in gasoline and diesel engine technologies, the increased use of renewable and sustainable biofuels, and the requirement to reduce exhaust emissions. 

As a global leading speciality component supplier of performance enhancing products, we supply an extensive range of products designed for use in the formulation of high-performance marine, gasoline and diesel fuels including: 

  • Lubricity additives
  • Asphaltene dispersants
  • Organic friction modifiers (OFM’s)
  • Fuel dehazers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Corrosion inhibitors. 
fuel pumps at a gas station


Find out about our specialist additives for fuel formulation and how our technologies help the development of renewable, sustainable biofuels by selecting the relevant application area below. 

fuelling valves on a ship

Marine fuel additives

Optimise marine fuel performance and fuel stability and overcome friction and wear issues caused by marine fuel desulphurisation.

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Cross section of a diesel engine using lubricity additives for moving parts

Diesel fuel lubricity additives

Optimise diesel fuel performance, minimise fuel pump wear, improve lubricity and mitigate maintenance or replacement costs.

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