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Diesel fuelled heavy duty logistics vehicles loading at warehouse fuelled by diesel lubricity additives

Additives for diesel fuel

As a global leading speciality component supplier of performance enhancing products, we supply an extensive range of products designed for optimum formulation of  diesel fuel including: 

  • Lubricity additives
  • Organic friction modifiers (OFM’s)
  • Fuel dehazers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Corrosion inhibitors. 
Cross section of a diesel engine using lubricity additives for moving parts

Diesel lubricity additives

Diesel sulphur levels are being progressively tightened through the introduction of ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) and GTL fuel. The process of desulphurisation results not only in the removal of sulphur compounds but also nitrogen, oxygenated and aromatic compounds, all of which are known to have inherent lubricating properties. 

Removal of these naturally occurring lubricity additives gives rise to diesel fuel pump wear and it is therefore necessary to add synthetically derived lubricity additives into diesel to minimise fuel pump wear. Diesel lubricity additives are used to lubricate the moving parts within the fuel injection system and ensure that ultra-low sulphur diesel fuels do not cause catastrophic damage to fuel pumps, thus mitigating maintenance or replacement costs.  

In regions such as Scandinavia and Canada, there is also a need for high-performance, synthetically derived lubricity additives that are designed specifically for use in very cold ambient conditions. For example, biodiesel is not suitable for use in cold climates due to its inherent high pour point. We offer diesel lubricity additives based on natural and sustainable fatty acid chemistry, which have been specifically designed for use in cold climates.  

Our emulsifiers for diesel fuel  

Water (5 - 20%) can be added to diesel to improve combustion efficiency and to act as a carrier fluid for water soluble additives that further enhance the combustion process.  

Emulsified fuels are used in applications such as: 

  • Boat motors – referred to as white diesel
  • Heating
  • Automotive and locomotive transportation. 

To prevent separation of diesel and water, an emulsifier is added to help form a water-in-oil emulsion. Our polymeric surfactants, Hypermer™ B246 or Hypermer™ A70, can be used at a treat rate of 1-2% to very significantly increase emulsion stabilities compared to conventional surfactants. 

Ethanol can also be added to diesel to make e-Diesel. As with water-in-diesel fuel, an emulsifier is required to ensure that the fuel blend remains as a single phase. The polymeric surfactants Hypermer™ B246 and Hypermer™ B261 can be used as emulsifiers for alcohol/diesel blends. 

Brochure: Fuel additives

Vehicles driving over a complex highway system using fuel additives
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lorry with fuel and diesel in a tank

Fuel additives

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