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Marine vessel driving through open water fuelled with additives to meet sulphur targets

Additives for marine fuel

As a leading supplier of performance enhancing products, we create and make speciality lubricity additives and asphaltene dispersants for use in the formulation of high-performance fuels – not  only for automotive fuel applications, but also for the marine fuel market. 
fuelling valves on a ship

Navigating marine regulatory changes 

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) implemented a new global sulphur cap, reducing the amount of sulphur permitted in fuel from 3.50% to 0.50%. This became effective from 1st January 2020 and was considered one of the most dramatic fuel regulation changes ever implemented, having a huge impact on fuel choices faced by shippers.  

As technical experts we are here to help understand this challenging landscape and can provide solutions to address your issues with marine fuel stability or incompatibility as a result of the new global sulphur cap.  

Our range of FlowSolve™ M asphaltene dispersants provide optimum fuel stability when blending, and function in a range of oils - important due to variation in the global shipping fleet. Our lubricity additives can also help our customers overcome the friction and wear issues they face when marine fuel is desulphurised

Why choose our products?

Asphaltene dispersants for marine fuel Diesel fuel lubricity additives

Our FlowSolve M range of high-performing fuel additives  comprises: FlowSolve™ M10, FlowSolve™ M20 and FlowSolve™ M21. These products offer the following features and benefits:

  • Improve fuel stability and prevent incompatibility issues when different fuels are blended together to meet the stringent sulphur targets
  • FlowSolve M functions in a range of fuel oils, important due to variations in the global fuel supply chain, offering excellent fuel flexibility.  

We have two products that are suitable as marine lubricity additives. Both Perfad™ FA 3340 and Priolene™ 6907 offer the following features and benefits:

  • Effective at low treat rates, giving rise to efficient formulations
  • Provide excellent lubricity benefits 
  • High renewability content and reduced environmental impact
  • Low ash content.

Brochure: Marine fuel lubricity additives

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FlowSolve M

Facing challenges with marine fuel stability?

FlowSolve M can provide piece of mind when it comes to selecting or blending marine fuel oils to meet stringent sulphur targets and help overcome issues with stability or incompatibility. 
FlowSolve M

Recommended products

FlowSolve™ M10

FlowSolve™ M10

FlowSolve M10 is a dispersant for low-sulphur fuels which can help disperse asphaltenes in fuel blends.

FlowSolve™ M20

FlowSolve™ M20

FlowSolve M20 is a asphaltene dispersant which can be used in fuel blends to improve fuel stability.

FlowSolve™ M21

FlowSolve™ M21

FlowSolve M21 helps stabilise asphaltenes in blended fuel containing low sulphur.

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