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Additives for gas turbine engine lubrication

Our Priolube™ esters provide a multitude of benefits to formulators of gas turbine engine lubricants. Gas turbine technology continues to evolve with a desire for increased levels of production efficiency, and of course business critical cost savings. Still, the primary challenge in gas turbine lubrication remains unchanged; maintaining performance whilst being exposed to high temperatures. 

Close up view of a gas turbines working oiled parts

What does a gas turbine engine do?

Gas turbine engines are conceptually quite simple. A gas is employed as the “working-fluid” in an engine and becomes pressurised when combusted. A turbine is then rotated as the pressurised gas rises, cools and expands.

Actual operation conditions, however, are severe and lubricating components must be carefully designed to withstand high temperatures, high speeds and high pressures. Formulations must feature excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance at the very least.

High-performance under severe operating conditions

Our esters can help provide just that. They deliver high-performance characteristics for improved system protection and allow for more reliable system operation, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our esters provide: 

  • Good deposit control
  • High temperature stability
  • Excellent wear and corrosion protection
  • Low volatility characteristics
  • Excellent load carrying properties.

Brochure: Gas turbine engines

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Priolube™ 1856

Priolube™ 1856

Priolube 1856 is an oxidatively stable and biodegradable ester, suitable for use in high temperature applications, particularly in turbine oils. Priolube 1856 is an FDA approved incidental food...

Priolube™ 1857

Priolube™ 1857

Suitable for use in high temperature applications, particularly in turbine oils because it is oxidatively stable, readily biodegradable and hydrolytically stable di-ester.

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