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Quenching fluid additives

Quenching is a sophisticated process by which the desired hardness and mechanical properties of a metal component are achieved by controlled cooling from an elevated temperature. The quench process is mainly carried out through immersion of the component in a bath of fluid or using a spray induction process. 

Our high viscosity Emkarox™ polyalkylene glycols (PAGs) are suitable for use in the formulation of aqueous quenching fluids. These polymeric products have been in use for more than 40 years and offer safety and environmental benefits, as well as providing excellent quench performance.


Polymer quenching

Traditionally, water, animal fats and fish oils have been used for quenching. Modern methods now include mineral oils (neat), polymers and natural/synthetic esters. Mineral oils are able to slowly and effectively cool hot metals to achieve efficient hardening, however they can pose fire risks due to their low fire and flash points. 

Polymer quenching uses concentrates of organic polymers in water, which are further diluted for use. A wide variety of polymers can be used, and the selection will determine the nature of the quench.

Careful selection of the quenchant is paramount will influence the resultant metal properties. 

Our Emkarox PAG ingredients provide a multitude of benefits. They are fire resistant, allow for better working conditions as no fumes are produced when they are used and are incredibly cost effective compared to non-aqueous fluids. Moreover, there will no need for degreasing and cleaning after the quenching process. 

It is possible to achieve a wide range of cooling rates, and tailor the process to the parts being quenched. Our team can provide guidance and help you to select the correct ingredients for maximum performance in your quenching fluid formulation. 


Brochure: Quenching fluids

Quenched metal used to construct a train that is travelling down a track through the countryside
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Quenching fluids

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Our Emkarox polyalkylene glycol (PAG) products have been in use for more than 40 years and offer safety and environmental benefits, as well as excellent quench performance.

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