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Oil and gas offshore production rig out at sea

Oil production chemicals

Our long-standing history within the production chemicals market focuses mainly on high performing demulsifier chemistries. We have an incredibly effective product portfolio to help facilitate the economic removal of water from crude oil, which are drawn from a wide range of chemistries, including resin alkoxylates, polyiimine derivatives and modified polyols.

We also offer asphaltene dispersants, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and paraffin inhibitors for oil production applications. Please contact us to discuss how our ingredients can help you meet the challenges of changing global regulations and environmental concerns to ensure you maximise output from your wells.

There are a significant number of different chemicals used throughout the oil production process, or the process of bringing the oil product to the surface of the well.

industrial pipelines from above

Demulsifier intermediates

Emulsion breaking is one of the most complex and situational aspects of oilfield chemistry. Stable emulsions encountered in oil production are normally composed of varying levels of water or brine dispersed in a continuous oil phase. Furthermore, these emulsions are stabilised by compounds occurring naturally in the crude. Certain types of operations in refinery practice also produce stable emulsions.

To facilitate the economical removal of water from crude oil, we can offer demulsifiers that can treat a wide range of emulsions under the most demanding field conditions including where there is high turbulence, high solid loadings, low temperatures and high-water content. These products provide:

  • Outstanding, rapid water separation, particularly in heavy oil applications
  • Reduced treating costs & smoother operation
  • Excellent low temperature performance
  • Improved downstream operations
  • Drier oil, cleaner water and sharper interface
  • A superior environmental profile.

Green demulsifiers

Sustainability is embedded in our strategic thinking and we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, recognising the increased awareness our customers have on the impact of chemicals on the environment.

We recognise the increased environmental requirements of our products, particularly under The Activities Regulation in Norway and Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS) as implemented in the UK and Netherlands. We have three green demulsifiers:

  • Kemelix™ 3697X
  • Kemelix™ 3702X
  • Kemelix™ 3725X.

All have been tested for biodegradability and their effect on skeletonema costatum growth rate using standard test methods for Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF), the results of which indicate that these products would be rated yellow for use in the Norwegian sector.

As well as having comparable standard demulsifier performance, our green demulsifiers also meet the following criteria:

  • Good environmental profile without compromising on performance
  • REACH and TSCA exempt
  • Inherently biodegradable under HOCNF approval test methods
  • Low aquatic toxicity
  • Non-bioaccumulating.

Brochure: Demulsifiers

Offshore oil rig and operating vessel where flow assurance and demulsifiers are key to operations
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Recommended products

Industry proven high performance products with broad spectrum efficiency and ideal physical properties

FlowSolve™  150

FlowSolve™ 150

Flowsolve 150 is a polymeric dispersant, formulated in a BTEX free solvent.

FlowSolve™ 212LN

FlowSolve™ 212LN

FlowSolve 212LN is an asphaltene dispersant used during the extraction of crude oil. It helps improve oil production by reducing clogging caused by asphaltene agglomeration.

FlowSolve™ 110LN

FlowSolve™ 110LN

FlowSolve 110LN is a medium molecular weight poly olefin ester formulated in a high flash point aromatic solvent.

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