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Oil and gas pipelines promoting flow assurance in the stimulation and completion process

Oil stimulation and completion additives

Stimulation and completion are both crucial stages within the oil recovery process that allow oil and gas to flow freely into the well and to the surface. 

We are committed to working with our customers to help limit the environmental impact in this highly sensitive application, providing greener alternatives to more traditional chemistries, all whilst delivering maximum performance and facilitating maximum productivity from the well.

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What is crude oil completion?

Completion involves altering the physical characteristics of the oil well, with the aim of bringing the drilled well into production and enhancing its production capabilities.  Alterations include scale treatment, cleanout of any waxes present, acid stimulation, fracture stimulation, gravel packing, recompletion, and reperforations.

Completion fluids are necessary for a variety of reasons.

  • They can help to protect the well formation from damage if the downhole equipment fails. Formation damage can decrease the productivity of a well, which affects the return on investment.
  • They are used to enable cementing processes, whereby a pipe is placed down the hole and cement is pumped around the outside of the pipe. This is to prevent the transfer of fluids or gases within wellbore zones as well as preventing collapse of the wellbore casing.
  • Due to the depth of the well and other geologic factors, completion chemicals must be used to enhance setting times and make adjustments for porosity and other characteristics of the cement, which may not be compatible with the surrounding geology.

We recognise that every well has its own set of downhole characteristics and that understanding this is key to successful completion systems. We are here to help you overcome the challenging conditions you may face. 

What is crude oil stimulation?

Stimulation interventions may be performed to increase wellbore production and to improve the flow of hydrocarbons for recovery. These processes include hydraulic fracturing and acid stimulation. Chemicals used within stimulation processes play an important role in maximising the productivity of existing wells and maturing fields.

Our core surfactant expertise offers a wide range of stimulation additives used within fracturing fluids to enhance both acidizing and fracturing operations, improving overall efficiency and reducing costs.

Our non-emulsifiers eliminate and prevent emulsions occurring and our demulsifier chemistries ensure optimum emulsion separation. Click on the links below to explore our how our chemistries can be used within your formulations for optimum oil recovery.

Brochure: Oilfield product overview

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Recommended applications

Pripol™ 1017

Pripol™ 1017

Pripol 1017 is a biostable dimer acid used as an emulsifier, corrosion inhibitor and as a boundary lubricant in industrial applications.

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