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In 2014 we announced the acquisition of JD Horizons, a UK-based business specialising in ‘Solutions for Flow Assurance’ technology and inherited the extremely effective FlowSolve range. This range symbolises leadership in flow assurance applications in international oil markets and our investment reinforces our commitment to supplying specialty additives to the oilfield and fuels market from point of discovery through to the refinery.

New products have since been created by our experts, not only extending the FlowSolve brand in oilfield, but also adding a new FlowSolve M range of high-performing marine fuel additives. The FlowSolve M products ensure that asphaltenes stay dispersed in the fuel and reach the engine to be burnt. 

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Solving challenges with oil flow 

FlowSolve technologies help you do just that: overcome challenges with oil flow. In oilfield, every project or application is as unique as its geographical location. Whether exploring deep-water, or onshore, we are dedicated to boosting oil flow and minimising deposits. The FlowSolve range comprises novel technologies that can be formulated to improve performance in virtually any environment and maximise production throughput.  

FlowSolve is used within two key areas:

Asphaltene inhibition 

  • Asphaltene inhibitors prevent the aggregation of asphaltene molecules so the chemical treatment can be as an injection into the wellbore
  • Asphaltene inhibitors also commonly work as asphaltene dispersants (ADs), thereby dispersing ready-formed asphaltene agglomerates. Therefore, the treatment products will also perform when injected into pipelines and will improve crude oil transportation. 

Paraffin inhibition

  • Waxes are made up of long hydrocarbon chains from and occur naturally in crude oils, causing many flow assurance problems. Challenges in both production and transportation of crude oils include wax deposition, flow problems and gelling, which are most evident in subsea and deep-water operations
  • Like asphaltenes, the formation of waxes can be caused by a change in temperature, pressure, crude oil surge or when there is high gas to oil ratio
  • We explore both wax inhibition and pour point depression characteristics of our FlowSolve range and have products that can help with each of those areas.  

Solving challenges with marine fuel -
FlowSolve M

The innovative FlowSolve M, ashless chemistries, improve fuel stability and prevent incompatibility issues when different fuels are blended together to meet the stringent sulphur targets.  FlowSolve M functions in a range of fuel oils, important due to variations in the global fuel supply chain, offering excellent fuel flexibility.

The excellent asphaltene handling performance of the series has been demonstrated in six heavy fuel oils sourced from around the world, of varying asphaltene content. This is done by measuring the reserve stability number (RSN) of the additive/fuel oil blend and then comparing this to the RSN of the fuel oil alone. 

Brochure: FlowSolve™ M series

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Asphaltene dispersancy demonstration

Asphaltene precipitation deep inside the reservoir, in pipelines or onto safety equipment can cause blockages and severe emulsion formation resulting in reservoir damage, loss of crude oil recovery and escalating costs. To combat this problem, we offer innovative oil soluble asphaltene dispersants. Watch the video to see just how well they perform. 

Recommended products

FlowSolve™ 212LN

FlowSolve™ 212LN

FlowSolve 212LN is an asphaltene dispersant used during the extraction of crude oil. It helps improve oil production by reducing clogging caused by asphaltene agglomeration.

FlowSolve™  150

FlowSolve™ 150

Flowsolve 150 is a polymeric dispersant, formulated in a BTEX free solvent.

FlowSolve™ 110LN

FlowSolve™ 110LN

FlowSolve 110LN is a medium molecular weight poly olefin ester formulated in a high flash point aromatic solvent.

FlowSolve™ 250 AF

FlowSolve™ 250 AF

FlowSolve 250 AF is one of the latest additions to the FlowSolve range of flow assurance products for the oilfield

FlowSolve™ 113LN

FlowSolve™ 113LN

FlowSolve 113LN has been developed to mitigate asphaltene flocculation and deposition in oil production operations for example in reservoir, production wells and processing units.

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