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Hypermer™ dispersants

Our Hypermer dispersants help improve the stability and processability of complex particle slurries in aqueous and organic solvents. The heritage brand, established in 1986, encapsulates the latest of our leading dispersant product portfolio that is supported by expertise in the practical application of dispersion and rheology. 

Under the brand Hypermer KD, our application expertise is centered around the dispersion of complex ceramic particle slurries.

Simultaneously, we are now developing new and novel dispersants for battery electrode manufacturing under the brand Hypermer Volt.

Hypermer KD

Hypermer KD dispersants are used in inorganic particle slurries to reduce viscosity, increase stability, and reduce processing time compared to slurries absent of dispersant additives.

Total rheological control can be achieved when coupled with our Rheoptima rheology modifiers, helping researchers and engineers save time, materials and energy in catalyst and fuel cell membrane production.

Hypermer Volt

Hypermer Volt dispersants in battery manufacturing help electrode slurry formulators and battery manufacturers reduce slurry viscosities, improve conductivity and improve capacity retention during high voltage charge-discharge rates.

We are developing new dispersants with improved electrochemical stability to meet the future needs of the battery market in dispersing carbon black and carbon nanotubes. 

Brochure: Rheology and dispersion control for catalyst manufacturing

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Recommended products

Hypermer 2524

Hypermer 2524 is a high-performance polymeric surfactant. The structure of Hypermer 2524 provides several core anchor chemistries selected to cover a wide variety of solid contaminants.

Hypermer™ A70

Hypermer A70 is a high molecular weight polymeric surfactant and finds use across a multitude of industrial and oilfield applications. It is exceptionally good at providing emulsion stability to formulations.

Hypermer™ B246

A polymeric surfactant with outstanding dispersion and emulsion stability properties.

Hypermer™ B261

A non-ionic block copolymer type surfactant, exhibiting excellent solubility in both vegetable and ester-based lubricants.

Hypermer™ LP1

A polymeric surfactant of high molecular weight, exhibiting excellent solubility in both naphthenic and paraffinic mineral oils.

Hypermer™ SP6

A specially designed, patented star-shaped emulsifier for use in the manufacture of inverse polymer emulsions.

Hypermer™ 2296

Hypermer 2296 is designed to enhance steric stabilisation and thus hinder flocculation or aggregation of asphaltene molecules. It is ideal for use as an asphaltene dispersant in both oilfield and fuel additive applications.

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