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Perfad™ high performance additives

The Perfad brand quite simply signifies “Performance Additive” and encompasses the range of high-performing products we offer across various energy markets.

Whether it be to drastically reduce friction within engine oils in the automotive sector, or to offer lubricity improvements in neat metalworking formulations, Perfad additives deliver exceptional in-use benefits to your formulations.

The range comprises a variety of chemistries and technologies which, combined with our technical and application expertise, means we are best placed to help you meet and exceed your performance targets – whatever the application.

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Uses of Perfad 


Controlling friction in automotive engine oils is the key to controlling fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, reducing wear and extending the durability of equipment. Our Perfad range of polymeric organic friction modifiers (PFMs) can enable this to happen. The Perfad PFMs display an outstanding ability to reduce the coefficient of friction of engine oils to levels unachievable with conventional organic friction modifiers, thus enabling formulators to develop engine oils that improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Perfad 3000 and Perfad 3050 also demonstrate excellent film forming properties which offers the potential to reduce engine wear and to improve engine durability. 


Perfad 3100 is an oxidative and thermally stable organic friction modifier, designed specifically for use in industrial gear oils. This high performance additive provides excellent friction reducing properties to industrial gear oils formulations, which can enable more efficient power transfer and reduced running costs, whilst having minimal impact on water entrainment. Perfad 3100 forms a durable film, most notably in the mixed and boundary regime where energy losses are high. Friction reducing effects have also been observed at high temperatures, as found in heavily loaded contact areas.

Perfad XG

Perfad XG represents the next generation of friction modifiers. As the automotive industry evolves, lubricants must too. From series hybrid vehicles, through to fully electric vehicles, friction will still remain a key issue for lubricant formulators. Perfad XG ingredients are ideal for hybrid engine lubricant formulations, especially those containing molybdedum (MoDTC). Oil performance, lifetime and durability are all positively impacted with Perfad XG friction modifiers. 

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Perfad XG 2500

Next Generation improvement of frictional durability

Perfad XG 2500 delivers excellent low friction, and which works in synergy with MoDTC to maintain low frictional levels in automotive engine oils for longer. Perfad XG 2500 boosts MoDTC performance, enabling formulators to develop engine oils that improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. 
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Recommended products

Perfad™ 3570

Perfad 3570 is a polymeric organic friction modifier particularly suited for use in four stroke motorcycle engine oils.

Perfad™ 3571

Perfad 3571 is a saturated fatty alcohol friction modifier particularly suited for use in four stroke motorcycle engine oils.

Perfad™ XG 2500

A high performance ashless, organic polymeric friction modifier with friction reducing properties.

Perfad™ 3000

Perfad 3000 is a polymeric friction modifiers suitable for formulating into four-stroke engine oil formulations.

Perfad™ 3057

Perfad 3057 is a polymeric friction modifier, which is used in engine oils to reduce friction.

Perfad™ 3006

Perfad 3006 is friction modifier, which can be used in engine oils to lower friction.

Perfad™ FM 3336

An oxidatively stable ashless friction modifier.

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