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Priolube™ esters

Priolube is our range of synthetic esters which offer exceptional in-use performance as well as possessing excellent environmental credentials. The brand name was adopted by Croda following the acquisition of the oleochemicals division of Uniqema in 2006.

Our Priolube range of esters comprises a huge portfolio of chemistries, which offers the formulator an unrivalled degree of formulation flexibility across a broad range of applications.

High performance esters with excellent environmental profiles

Globally, across many markets including automotive, industrial and marine, there is an increasing awareness of the environmental impact of lubricant formulations. Many regions have already restricted the use of mineral oil-based materials and place strict requirements around lubricant use.  

Priolube offers our customers the chance to navigate the dynamic regulatory landscape and protect our environment, whilst simultaneously maximizing product performance. Our expertise in ester technology, together with our application know-how, means that we are best placed to tackle the lubrication challenges of today and meet the challenges within the energy market in the future.

Wallchart: Priolube™ esters

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Priolube 3997

Outstanding oxidative stability and viscosity index boosting

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Recommended products

Priolube™ 3997

A high viscosity complex ester with excellent oxidation stability. Especially suitable for use in industrial gear oils.

Priolube™ 1427

An ISO 46, biodegradable and hydrolytically stable polyol ester suitable for use in applications including, metalworking fluids, rolling oils, hydraulic fluids and environmentally acceptable lubricants. It is also featured on the LuSC list.

Priolube™ 1851

Oxidatively stable, ISO 460 biodegradable complex ester, suitable for use as a base fluid and thickener in a wide range of applications. It is also effective as an additive to improve lubrication properties and features on the LuSC list.

Priolube™ 1939

A highly oxidatively stable, low volatility, hydrolytically stable ester providing enhanced lubrication performance.

Priolube™ 2087

ISO 320, oxidatively stable, biodegradable and hydrolytically stable complex ester, suitable for use as a base fluid or thickener, particularly in environmentally acceptable lubricants. It is also featured on the LuSC list.

Priolube™ 3952

Proprietary product that combines ester lubricant base fluid properties with non-ionic and anionic emulsification properties. It is suitable for use in formulating synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble oil metalworking fluids.

Priolube™ 3986

A high viscosity complex ester, suitable for use in a wide range of applications, particularly as an Extreme Pressure (EP) enhancing additive, a lubricity additive, a thickening agent and a viscosity index improver. It is also featured on the LuSC list.

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