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Energy Technologies
Aerial wind turbine providing sustainable energy by spinning blades lubricated by REWITEC speciality additives

REWITEC™ surface repair additives

Founded in Germany in 2003, the REWITEC brand has been a Croda subsidiary since 2019. The name REWITEC stands for "Reparatur- und Wiederherstellungstechnologie" which means “repair and restoration technology”.  

And that is exactly what REWITEC does! Our unique range of lubricant additives repair, restore and prevent wear in lubricated machinery of all types.  

Moving machinery continuously poses a challenge to engineers everywhere: How to improve durability, longevity and reduce frictional losses. These losses can significantly increase costs associated with down time, repair and replacement of components; as well as reduce energy efficiency. 

REWITEC focusses on addressing these challenges with the objective of protecting investments against wear and excessive energy consumption, achieving system security and ease of repair. Simply put, REWITEC products improve the service life of lubricated moving machinery across a range of applications including wind turbines, marine, manufacturing, heavy industry, automotive and more.  

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