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Rheoptima™ rheology modifiers

Rheoptima is our range of rheology modifiers that thicken and stabilise particle slurries instantly, installing thixotropic and pseudoplastic properties to a processing fluid.  

Fluid behaviour is important when processing as energy can be saved when mixing and the operator has greater control of the fluid once it thickens, when shear force is removed.  

Final viscosity of fluids can be controlled by dosing at different treat rates. Rheoptima products are typically dosed between 0.1 – 2 w/w% of the formulation.  

Our Rheoptima range includes liquid dispersion polymers, and aqueous emulsion polymers that are effective across a broad range of pH and solvent types.  

Rheoptima products are typically used in the processing of complex ceramic particle slurries. We pair our Rheoptima brand with Hypermer™ products, to have total rheology control.  

Brochure: Rheology and dispersion control for catalyst manufacturing

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Recommended products

Rheoptima™ B32

Rheoptima B32 is an associative anionic rheology modifier with a unique mode of action in the Rheoptima range, forming a polymeric gel. It can be used in catalyst washcoats for stabilisation of particles.

Rheoptima™ LA23

Rheoptima LA23 is a cationic rheology modifier that can provide stabilisation under acidic and neutral conditions.

Rheoptima™ LA25

Rheoptima LA25 is a cationic rheology modifier used to thicken and stablise particle slurries, such as catalyst washcoats.

Rheoptima™ LA45

Rheoptima LA45 instantly thickens ceramic particle slurries, which can help improve processing time compared with traditional thickeners.

Rheoptima™ X73

Rheoptima X73 is a specialty polymeric rheology modifier, which stabilises ceramic particle slurries by forming a polymer matrix

Rheoptima™ X84

Rheoptima X84 is a polyalkyleneoxy terminated polyamide gellant that can stablise catalyst washcoat slurries.

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