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Xenitron™ dielectric base oils

Xenitron fluids are high quality, high performance and sustainable ester dielectric base oils exhibiting strong thermal and dielectric properties. The range will also introduce selected products with strong tribological properties in addition to thermal and dielectric characteristics.

This new brand and product range is established to meet the changing landscape of mobility, moving from traditional internal combustion engines (ICEs) to hybrid and battery electric vehicles (EVs), recognising the need for dedicated ingredients in meeting the changing needs of the market.

Dedicated ester fluids for electric mobility

Dedicated ester base oils are needed to overcome the following challenges in e-mobility:

  • Introduction of high voltage electricity into powertrains means fluids must not conduct electricity, especially when used in direct contact with electronics
  • New materials mean fluids must be compatible with a wider range of polymers, composites, and metals
  • Lower temperatures of operation in some instances and a greater focus on lower traction in tribological systems within EVs to improve efficiency
  • Increasing focus on sustainability for automotive OEMs means fluids must be more sustainable than ever, in terms of fluid supply, production, end of life or accidental release.

Xenitron fluids are dielectric base oils, and do not conduct electricity. They can be used in blends of fluids to tune material compatibility and performance, having excellent sustainability credentials. For more detailed information, please consult technical data sheets.

Whitepaper: Properties of esters for use as dielectric fluids

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E-mobility fluids

Your partner in formulating next generation e-fluids

We are developing next generation materials for use in next generation e-fluids to provide improved performance and sustainability. By working with us, you can get access to our latest development products, which are created to meet emerging market needs.

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