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Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) base oils

Polyalkylene glycol base oils, also known as polyglycols or PAGs are formed by reacting an alcohol with one or more alkylene oxides:

  • Propylene oxide provides water insolubility
  • Ethylene oxide provides water solubility.

Depending on the molecular composition, they are either soluble in water or soluble in oil. 

Polyalkylene glycol PAG metalworking fluid base oil

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Polyalkylene glycol uses

PAGs are commonly used in quenching fluids, metalworking fluids, gear oils, chain oils, food-grade lubricants and as lubricants in HFC type hydraulics and gas compressor equipment. Properties that PAGs offer include high lubricity, low traction properties, high viscosity index, controlled quenching speeds, good temperature stability and low wear. We offer them in both water soluble and insoluble forms, and in a wide range of viscosity grades.

What polyalkylene base oils do we offer?

We offer water soluble and oil soluble PAGs as well as NSF HX-1 (FDA approved) PAGs that are suitable for use around food production. 

Recommended products

Emkarox™  VG 130W

Emkarox™ VG 130W

A polyalkylene base fluid (PAG) which is water soluble and an International Standards Organization Viscosity (ISO) grade 150.

Emkarox™ VG 222

Emkarox™ VG 222

A high performing, water insoluble polyalkylene glycol (PAG) lubricant base fluid, particularly suitable for applications where incidental food contact is a concern.

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