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Aerial view of a wind turbine in the sea using REWITEC surface repair additives

REWITEC™ surface repair additives

REWITEC products have been specifically designed to improve the longevity and energy efficiency of systems, machinery and gearboxes with a range of nano- and micro-particle-based surface repair lubricant additives. Simply put, our products improve the service life of lubricated moving machinery.

Moving machinery continuously poses a challenge to engineers everywhere: how to improve durability, longevity and reduce frictional losses. These losses can significantly increase costs associated with down time, repair and replacement of components.

close up of general gearbox

What can REWITEC technology do?

Infographic about REWITEC technology

REWITEC technology is not limited to any one application or area; instead, the technology can benefit any lubricated moving metal system. Independent, third-party tests demonstrate a significant reduction in surface roughness, friction and temperature where the technology is deployed and offers:

  • A reduction in abrasion and wear
  •  Reconditioning of metal surfaces exposed to friction
  • Vibration reduction
  • Permanent wear protection
  • Significant optimisation of the original material properties
  • Improved film formation
  • Reduced spare part requirements and reduction in replacement component costs
  • An extended service life

How does REWITEC work?

The existing lubricant is used as the carrier for REWITEC products, and we offer products for both oils and greases. Where there are areas of high pressure, and therefore wear (in boundary or mixed lubrication regimes), higher friction and temperatures occur and the REWITEC silicate particles bond to the metallic surface, creating a new ceramic layer that passivate and reduce roughness. This reduces friction, wear and surface temperature and increases lifetime, as well as reducing energy consumption.

Our innovative technology enhances component performance and energy efficiency for long term protection; wear in tribological systems is reduced. Once added to the lubricant, our products, specifically developed for the intended application, provide you with protection over many hours of operation.

REWITEC technology infographic

Step 1

The existing lubricant is used as a carrier to deliver REWITEC technology to the mixed friction areas with the lubricated component.

Step 2

The REWITEC particles react to the increased temperatures produced in the mixed friction zones, causing them to physically bond to the areas with high friction.

Step 3

The surfaces exposed to friction are given a ceramic quality and a new corrosion resistant metal-ceramic surface is created. Friction and wear at the treated surfaces are significantly reduced while the lubricant properties remain unchanged.

How is REWITEC supplied?

For our oil additives (DuraGear™ and PowerShot™), the concentrated active agents are generally supplied pre-mixed in a neutral white oil, which is compatible with most standard lubricants. Products compatible with other oils, such as polyalkylene glycols (PAGs) can also be supplied.

We have the capability to apply our products directly to your own lubricants that are supplied to us. Simply contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

For greases (GR400) we can either receive your grease, add the REWITEC additive and then supply the mixed grease back to you, or we can supply you with the REWITEC additive for you to mix into your own grease.

gearbox on a car


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Recommended products

REWITEC™ DuraGear™ 5/<wbr>10/<wbr>20/<wbr>50/<wbr>100

REWITEC™ DuraGear™ 5/10/20/50/100

A high-performance concentrate suitable for use in all types of gearboxes, including heavy duty, off road, passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, both manual and automatic.

REWITEC™  DuraGear™  W100  

REWITEC™  DuraGear™  W100  

A high-performance concentrate for wind turbine gears.



A high-performance synthetic grease suitable for use in all types of bearings, including ball, roller and plain bearings or main, generator and pitch bearings in wind turbines.

REWITEC™ GR400 +5 +10

REWITEC™ GR400 +5 +10

High-performance synthetic grease concentrates suitable for use in all types of bearings, including ball, roller and plain bearings or main, generator and pitch bearings in wind turbines.

REWITEC™ PowerShot™ 10/<wbr>15/<wbr>20/<wbr>50

REWITEC™ PowerShot™ 10/15/20/50

A high-performance lubricant concentrate suitable for use in trucks, buses, ships, construction machinery, generators, trains, motorboats, and much more. For engines greater than 10 litres in cubic...

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