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Energy Technologies
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Energy Technologies


We offer sustainable chemical and additive solutions for markets across the global energy portfolio, from energy generation, storage, and use; to transportation, automotive and industrial processes.

Our expertise in creating and making speciality chemicals and additives on a global scale is combined with extensive application and market knowledge. Using our core capabilities in dispersion, tribology and rheology control, our team is able to work closely with you to provide solutions you can be confident will perform in your market application.

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Lubricated wind turbine pictured from above in a green field


Boost efficiencies, reduce costs or improve environmental profile

Application expertise, together with our advanced additive and chemical solutions, enable us to provide solutions to help you to enrich the quality of your formulations and products.

From boosting efficiencies and reducing costs to improving the environmental profile of products and reducing time to market; our global team can help achieve the desired result. 

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Solar panel field using phase change materials


Innovative speciality chemicals and additives

The increasing global demand to produce, move, store, and use energy more sustainably, drives our commitment to create new, innovative chemical solutions.

In our laboratories around the world, we use our industry expertise and market knowledge to demonstrate the performance and functional benefits of our products for you.

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