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Logistics bay with several heavy duty diesel engine vehicles loading cargo

Heavy duty vehicles

We can help you to overcome the complex challenges in heavy duty diesel engine oils (HDDEOs), hydraulic fluids, greases and emission control catalysts for on-road and off-road heavy-duty vehicles.

Our product ranges help to improve fuel economy through improved lubrication using sustainable materials, whilst our emission control catalyst additives help improve the efficiency of catalyst units for improved air quality. 

Explore the applications and functions below to read more about how our products make a difference in heavy duty vehicles.

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Applications for the heavy duty vehicle market

Battery technologies

Conductive carbon dispersants for battery slurries. Dielectric base oils for direct cooling of e-motors and batteries.
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Driveline and transmission

Ester and PAG base oils, friction modifiers and VI improver additives.
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Cross section of an emission control catalyst

Emission control catalysts

Rheology control additives for catalyst washcoats and wetting additives for catalyst monolith extrusion.
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Close up view of engine oil and engine oil cap showing

Engine oils

Ester and PAG base oils, friction modifiers and VI improver additives.
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Asphaltene dispersants and lubricity additives for fuels.
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Ester base oils and fatty acids for grease formulation.
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Hydraulic moving parts lubricated with hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic fluids

Fire resistant and environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluid base oils, emulsifiers and surfactants.
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Close up view of lubricated metalworking with sparks

Metalworking and forming

EP-AW additives, ester and PAG base oils, emulsifiers and lubricity booster additives for metalworking fluids.
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Functions for the heavy duty vehicle market

Base oils as part of a lubricant formulation used here in metalworking gears

Base oils

Properties and key attributes of ester and PAG base oils.
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Chemical function and mechanism of dispersants in fluid systems.
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EV car battery pack Electric car lithium battery pack

Esters for dielectric fluids

The role of esters in dielectric fluid formulations.
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example of surfactants


Improve solubility in lubricant formulations.
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Shiny truck gearbox

Friction modifiers

Friction reduction using polymeric and monomeric friction modifiers.
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Close up of engine components lubricated using viscous lubricants and greases

Viscosity and rheology modifiers

Optimisation of rheology in complex particle slurries.
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