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Industrial process site at a quayside and a storage terminal for oil and gas operations

Industrial processes

The market for industrial processes encompasses a wide range of applications and functions for those involved in the manufacturing and production of goods everywhere. From small production volumes, all the way through to the largest industrial production lines, the challenges remain the same: consistent quality and high throughput with no downtime.

As the world moves to more sustainable manufacturing practices, there is also an increasing focus on doing more with less, to reduce emissions and pollution and consuming fewer fossil fuels.

We believe in working closely with our customers to help them to overcome complex technical challenges within their manufacturing industries. We are able to utilise our sustainable, responsible and innovative ingredients and apply deep scientific expertise to help you to get the best out of your production and manufacturing processes.

Whether you are a formulator of industrial gearbox oils, a plant manager seeking to increase reliability or work in the oil production industry, we invite you to work together with us for the future of industrial processes.

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Applications for the industrial processes market

Close up view of lubricated metalworking with sparks

Metalworking and forming

EP-AW additives, ester and PAG base oils, emulsifiers and lubricity booster additives for metalworking fluids.
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Ester base oils and fatty acids for grease formulation.
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Close up view of oiled and lubricated chains and gears

Chain oils

Base oils and additives for food grade and high temperature chain oils.
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Hydraulic moving parts lubricated with hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic fluids

Fire resistant and environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluid base oils, emulsifiers and surfactants.
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industrial pipelines from above

Oil production

Demulsifier intermediates and other additives for optimum oil extraction efficiency.
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Industrial gears with gear oil to assist in lubrication

Industrial gear oils

Base oils and additives for industrial gearbox oils.
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Functions for the industrial processes market

close up of general gearbox

REWITEC™ surface repair additives 

Inorganic silicone additives help repair and protect metal surfaces.
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Base oils as part of a lubricant formulation used here in metalworking gears

Base oils

Properties and key attributes of ester and PAG base oils.
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Close up of engine components lubricated using viscous lubricants and greases

Viscosity and rheology modifiers

Optimisation of rheology in complex particle slurries.
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Oil and water in test tube for demulsification


Ingredients to facilitate separation of water from oil.
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