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The marine market encompasses both the ships that move on our oceans and the rich, aquatic ecosystems living below the water line. This sector is underpinned and driven by legislation, aiming to improve the performance of marine vessels around the globe whilst simultaneously protecting those ocean habitats beneath.

Our in-depth technical knowledge underpins everything we do, making us key partners in marine fuel and lubrication technologies. Our collective expertise and our proven abilities mean that you can trust us to overcome your scientific challenges.

The ingredients we manufacture for marine applications demonstrate excellent performance and harness our expertise in tribology and dispersancy. Whether you wish to improve the stability of your marine fuel or formulate an environmentally acceptable stern tube lubricant, we invite you to work together with us for the future of the marine environment.

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Applications for the marine market

Additives for stern tubes

Ingredients that deliver excellent performance and that have excellent environmental profiles.

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Marine fuel additives

Optimise marine fuel performance and fuel stability and overcome friction and wear issues caused by marine fuel desulphurisation.

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Functions for the marine market

Ester base fluids

Ingredients offering a multitude of benefits and which have excellent environmental profiles.

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Chemical function and mechanism of dispersants in fluid systems.

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REWITEC™ surface repair additives 

Inorganic silicone additives help repair and protect metal surfaces.

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