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Offshore oil rig and operating vessel where flow assurance and demulsifiers are key to operations

Oilfield and fuels

We recognise the difficulties faced in the oilfield and fuels market, from oil processing and extraction through to the refinery. As we start to extract natural resources more efficiently, new and challenging conditions are encountered creating a need for advanced chemical solutions.

Our chemical solutions help our global customers improve flow assurance, manage process-cost benefit and achieve operations that do not impact local environments during extraction.

In doing so, we establish long-lasting relationships with our customers, which are instrumental in leading us to mutually beneficial outcomes. Use the links below to find out how we can help you overcome your challenges in the oilfield and fuels market.

Four onshore drilling rigs extracting oil efficiently from the ground

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Applications for the oilfield and fuels market

drilling machinery on land


Ingredients for drill protection, lubrication, cooling and corrosion control.

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industrial pipelines from above

Oil production

Demulsifier intermediates and other additives for optimum oil extraction efficiency.

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Looking up at a drilling rig

Oil stimulation and completion

Ingredients to help stimulation and completion for freely flowing oil.

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Product functions for the oilfield and fuels market

example of surfactants


Improve solubility in lubricant formulations.

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Oil and water in test tube for demulsification


Ingredients to facilitate separation of water from oil.

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Ingredients to help prevent emulsion formation.

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