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Energy Technologies
Single onshore wind turbine generating power with lubricated gears and bearings increasing power generation

Power generation

Applied sustainability, collaboration and deep scientific expertise ensure we are in the position to help you overcome the complex technical challenges faced in the power generation market.

We create and make synthetic base oils and additives for stationary engines and gas turbines for electricity generation. Our range includes synthetic esters and friction modifiers for fuel efficiency through reduced boundary friction. 

Over recent years, lubricant manufacturers have needed to develop products that meet the increasing challenges of more compact stationary engine power-units: higher engine temperatures, and increasingly stringent emissions legislation. Our products are SAPS free organic molecules highly suited to the formulation of products designed to protect exhaust after-treatment devices; such as DPF required for Stage V emissions regulation.  

close up of wind turbine used for power generation

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Applications for the power generation market

Close up view of engine oil and engine oil cap showing

Engine oils

Ester and PAG base oils, friction modifiers and VI improver additives.

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Close up view of a gas turbines working oiled parts

Gas turbine oils

Priolube ester base oils for the formulation of gas turbine lubricants.

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Engine of a heavy duty diesel engine showing engine oil and lubricated working parts

Heavy duty diesel engines

Polymeric friction modifiers, ester base oils and surface repair additives for heavy duty diesel engines.

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Wind Turbine Nacelle interior with axle, gear box, clutch and cooling system

Wind turbine lubricants

Ingredients for the formulation of greases and oils for a longer wind turbine life.

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Functions for the power generation market

Base oils as part of a lubricant formulation used here in metalworking gears

Base oils

Properties and key attributes of ester and PAG base oils.

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Shiny truck gearbox

Friction modifiers

Friction reduction using polymeric and monomeric friction modifiers.

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close up of general gearbox

REWITEC™ surface repair additives 

Inorganic silicone additives help repair and protect metal surfaces.

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Close up of engine components lubricated using viscous lubricants and greases

Viscosity and rheology modifiers

Optimisation of rheology in complex particle slurries.

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