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Small and two-stroke engines

We have a leading position in the development of high-quality ester base fluids and additives. These are formulated into some of the best performing two-stroke engine oils, which have very tough specifications.

Our additives are used in many different applications, including outboard motors, personal watercraft, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, go karts, snow mobiles and chain saws - many items we rely on to get things done. 

However, during the last decade increasing concern for the environment has led to major developments in the design of the two-stroke engine, catalytic convertors for exhaust gases and in the development of two-stroke engine oils. 

Our ester base fluids and additives offer several benefits performance and sustainability benefits when formulated into two-stroke engine oils including: 

  • Clean burn characteristics
  • Enhancement of ignition performance and plug life
  • Excellent lubricating characteristics
  • Exceptional load carrying capacity.

Some applications, for example, chain saws, outboard motors and personal water craft, have seen the introduction of strict environmental directives or legislation relating to their use and the use of lubricating oils. The directives and legislation specify the use of base fluids derived from renewable and sustainable raw materials. These base fluids must also have a low level of aquatic toxicity and be ultimately or readily biodegradable. We hold a leading position in the field of environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) base fluids and have a superior range of products to meet the stringent environmental demands. 

Our range of low viscosity base oils help reduce fuel use, lower emissions and improve engine responsiveness. They can make it easier for engines to start because they provide less resistance to the engine moving parts, taking less power from your engine.

Inside a small engine showing lubricated engine parts

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Applications for the small engines market

Cross section of an emission control catalyst

Emission control catalysts

Rheology control additives for catalyst washcoats and wetting additives for catalyst monolith extrusion.
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Close up view of engine oil and engine oil cap showing

Engine oils

Ester and PAG base oils, friction modifiers and VI improver additives.
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Ester base oils and fatty acids for grease formulation.
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Close up view of oiled and lubricated chains and gears

Chain oils

Base oils and additives for food grade and high temperature chain oils.
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Functions for the small engines market

Base oils as part of a lubricant formulation used here in metalworking gears

Base oils

Properties and key attributes of ester and PAG base oils.
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Shiny truck gearbox

Friction modifiers

Friction reduction using polymeric and monomeric friction modifiers.
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close up of general gearbox

REWITEC™ surface repair additives 

Inorganic silicone additives help repair and protect metal surfaces.
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Close up of engine components lubricated using viscous lubricants and greases

Viscosity and rheology modifiers

Optimisation of rheology in complex particle slurries.
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