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Wind energy

Our lubricant technologies for wind turbine gears and bearings allow oil formulators to create the next generation of wind turbine oils and greases by harnessing our expertise in tribology and rheology control. We extend our invitation to you in working together for the future of wind energy in oils and greases for wind energy applications.  

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Applications for the wind energy market

Wind turbine lubricants

Ingredients for the formulation of greases and oils for a longer wind turbine life.

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Ester base oils and fatty acids for grease formulation.

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Hydraulic fluids

Fire resistant and environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluid base oils, emulsifiers and surfactants.

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Functions for the wind energy market

Base oils

Properties and key attributes of ester and PAG base oils.

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Friction modifiers

Friction reduction using polymeric and monomeric friction modifiers.

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REWITEC™ surface repair additives 

Inorganic silicone additives help repair and protect metal surfaces.

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Viscosity and rheology modifiers

Optimisation of rheology in complex particle slurries.

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