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Hypermer™ KD6
Hypermer KD6 is a high molecular weight non-ionic dispersant, that is suitable for a wide range of ceramic slurries including alumina, ceria, titania, zirconia and zeolites. When used in catalyst washcoats, it can impart excellent viscosity reduction and slurry stabilisation. Ultimately, the product allows catalyst manufacturers to reduce processing time and improve the performance of the finished catalyst unit.
Hypermer KD6

Product details


  • Hypermer


  • Emission control catalysts


  • Other - Proprietary

Feature and benefits

  • Reduce viscosity
  • Increase solids loading
  • Reduce agglomeration
  • Ash-free burn out
  • Very low level of residual impurities
  • Increase stability

Physical form

  • Liquid


  • Passenger cars (ICE & hybrid)
  • Heavy duty vehicles - Off road
  • Heavy duty vehicles - On road


  • Dispersants - Particle dispersants
  • Viscosity and rheology modifiers - Viscosity modifiers


Property Units Value
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Dynamic viscosity at 25°C mPa s Login
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Product brochures & guides

Category: Data sheet

Title: Hypermer KD6

Hypermer™ KD6 is a non-ionic polymeric dispersant designed for creating stable water-based dispersions of particulates.

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