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FlowSolve™ 110LN
FlowSolve 110LN is a medium molecular weight poly olefin ester formulated in a high flash point aromatic solvent. The product has been developed to mitigate asphaltene flocculation and deposition in oil production operations e.g. in the reservoir, production wells and processing units, due to pressure drop or incompatible fluids and other applications including anti-foulants, demulsifier synergists, and fuel oil stabilisation. FlowSolve 110LN benefits from a broad spectrum performance across a wide range of crude oil types, its low viscosity, low pour point and high temperature stability (>300°C). FlowSolve 110LN boasts global compliance with reglations including OSPAR and CEFAS. Such regulatory compliances ensure FlowSolve 110LN has a low environmental impact for marine operations. Typical treat rates range from 10 to 500 ppm dependant on the crude oil type and the severity of asphaltene deposition tendency.
FlowSolve 110LN

Product details


  • FlowSolve


  • Oil production chemicals


  • Esters - Ester based

Feature and benefits

  • Industry proven
  • Broad spectrum performance across a wide range of crude oil types
  • Idea physical properties
  • Global regulatory compliance - OSPAR and CEFAS (gold with no substitutions)
  • Low environmental impact for marine operations

Physical form

  • Liquid


  • Oilfield


  • Dispersants - Crude oil asphaltene dispersants

Global Inventory Compliance

  • OSPAR compliant


Property Units Value
Density at 15°C g cm⁻³ Login
Flash point °C Login
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C cSt Login
Pour point °C Login
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