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Energy Technologies
Phase Change Material 60
Phase change material 60 is used in battery thermal management and industrial heating systems to increase the thermal potential of heat management systems when capacity is limited. Peak thermal loads can be managed more effectively, and heat can be recovered to be used elsewhere. In passenger cars, heat can be reused to heat the cabin, whilst in buildings heat can be used to heat offices if HVAC systems have excess stored heat. It is ideal for use in energy storage, electronics, automotive, heat recovery and temperature-controlled packaging. It has low flammability, a high renewable carbon content and is expected to be readily biodegradable.
Phase Change Material 60

Product details


  • Other


  • Battery technologies
  • Thermal energy storage - High temperature


  • Other - Proprietary

Feature and benefits

  • High latent heat
  • 100% USDA biobased
  • Sharp melting and crystallisation peaks
  • Long-term stability
  • Expected to be readily biodegradable

Physical form

  • Waxy solid


  • Passenger cars (ICE & hybrid)
  • Thermal energy storage (phase change materials)


  • Phase change material

Global Inventory Compliance

  • USDA Biopreferred®


Property Units Value
Crystallisation temperature °C 58
Flash point °C Login
Latent heat capacity, crystallisation kJ kg⁻¹ Login
Latent heat capacity, melting kJ kg⁻¹ Login
Melting temperature °C 60
Total heat capacity, crystallisation kJ kg⁻¹ Login
Total heat capacity, melting kJ kg⁻¹ Login
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