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FlowSolve™ 140

FlowSolve 140 is an acrylic polymer, designed to mitigate flow assurance problems relating to wax (paraffins) in crude oil. FlowSolve 140 is an effective pour point depressant and wax inhibitor, ensuring the continuous flow of waxy crude oil at low temperatures, enabling pipeline restart and mitigating wax deposition issues.
FlowSolve™ 140
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Product details


  • FlowSolve


  • Oil production chemicals


  • Other - Acrylic based

Feature and benefits

  • Superior performance to leading technologies
  • Low viscosity liquid with high temperature stability
  • Broad spectrum of performance for global crudes
  • Compatible with oil soluble materials
  • Effective at low dosage

Physical form

  • Liquid


  • Oilfield


  • Paraffin inhibitors


Property Units Value
Active content % 25
Pour point °C Login
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