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FlowSolve™ M20
FlowSolve M20 was created to help the industry meet changing legislation that requires certain fuels, especially in the marine industry, to have low levels of sulphur content. This change has caused asphaltenes in blended fuel to agglomerate, causing clogging, sludge and changes to the flow properties of the fuel.
FlowSolve M20

Product details


  • FlowSolve


  • Fuel additives - Marine


  • Other - Polymer

Feature and benefits

  • High compatibility with oil-soluble
  • materials
  • Reduced likelihood of sludge formation and improved fuel stability
  • Performance over a range of fuel oil types

Physical form

  • Liquid


  • Marine


  • Dispersants - Marine fuel asphaltene dispersants


Property Units Value
Density at 25°C g cm⁻³ Login
Flash point °C Login
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Product brochures & guides

Category: Data sheet

Title: FlowSolve M20

FlowSolve M20 technical data sheet. The Flowsolve™ M range of high-performing marine fuel oil additives ensure asphaltenes remain dispersed and reach the engine to be burnt.

Language: English | Size: 103.77kb

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