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Crodacid™ DC 1175
Crodacid DC 1175 is a bio-based C9 saturated linear di-carboxylic acid, commonly known as azelaic acid. It is derived from natural plant oils. This product is highly functional and can be used as a thickener for lithium complex greases, as a water soluble corrosion inhibitor when neutralised with alkanolamines, and as a lubricity additive in neat cutting oils.
Crodacid DC1175

Product details


  • Other


  • Greases
  • Metalworking and forming - Metalworking fluids


  • Diacids - Diacid

Feature and benefits

  • Bio-based
  • Extends equipment’s service life and regreasing intervals
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Physical form

  • Flake


  • Industrial processes


  • Corrosion inhibitor additives
  • Grease soap ingredients
  • Lubricity additives


Property Units Value
Acid value mg KOH g⁻¹ Login
Melting temperature °C 95
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