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Zephrym™ PD7000
Zephrym PD 7000 is a dispersant that can be used in oil and gas operations to stabilise foam. This can help oil field operators control production and drilling processes.
Zephrym PD 7000

Product details


  • Other


  • Oil production chemicals


  • Alkoxylates - Alkoxylate

Feature and benefits

  • Effortless underbalanced drilling
  • Depleted and unconsolidated formations
  • Efficient stimulation
  • Diverting fluids from already treated zones
  • Rapid clean-up of low pressure formations
  • Easy removal of liquids and unwanted solids

Physical form

  • Liquid


  • Passenger cars (ICE & hybrid)
  • Heavy duty vehicles - Off road
  • Heavy duty vehicles - On road
  • Oilfield


  • Emulsifiers
  • Surfactants

Product brochures & guides

Category: Data sheet

Title: Zephrym PD-7000

Zephrym™ PD 7000is a dispersant used in aqueous slurries.

Language: English | Size: 93.62kb

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