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Kemelix™ 3627X
Kemelix 3627X is a resin alkoxylate designed for use in all demulsifier formulations. It acts as a dropper to coalesce water droplets and release free water. The class leading speed of action of Kemelix 3627X makes it a clear first choice ingredient for all demulsifier formulations, including those with separation vessels with low residence times. Kemelix 3627X performs exceptionally well as a demulsifier for heavy crude oil.Croda's reccomended crude oil demulsifier formulation for Kemilix 3627X in heavy oil is 10-1000ppm.
Kemelix 3627X

Product details


  • Kemelix


  • Oil production chemicals


  • Alkoxylates - Resin alkoxylate

Feature and benefits

  • Fast acting demulsifier
  • High performing heavy oil demulsifier
  • Effective at low inclusion levels
  • Suitable for all separation vessels including those with low residence times
  • Reduction in cost of extracting difficult heavy oils

Physical form

  • Liquid


  • Oilfield


  • Demulsifiers


Property Units Value
Density at 25°C g cm⁻³ Login
Flash point °C Login
pH Login
Pour point °C Login
RSN value Login
Solubility % in water Insoluble

Product brochures & guides

Category: Data sheet

Title: Kemelix 3627X

Technical data sheet for Kemelix 3627X a high performance demulsifier that works exceptionally well in heavy crude oil.

Language: English | Size: 97.64kb

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