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Kemelix 3725X

Kemelix 3725X is an ester chosen for its environmental profile and suitability for demulsifier formulations. It can act as both a dropper and a treater to collect and coalesce water droplets and release free water. Kemelix 3725X has a very high speed of action and delivers excellent demulsification. This makes it a first choice ingredient for both light and heavy crude demulsifier formulations where importance is placed on the environmental profile of any production fluids. It also acts as a non-emulsifier to prevent emulsion formation. Kemelix 3725X is rated yellow under Norwegian discharge regulations and as such is suitable for use in the North Sea without the need for special approval.
Kemelix 3725X
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Product details


  • Kemelix


  • Oil production chemicals


  • Esters - Polysorbate polyester

Feature and benefits

  • Excellent environmental profile
  • Effective at low inclusion levels
  • High speed of action
  • High degree of demulsification
  • Reduced residual water in crude oil

Physical form

  • Liquid


  • Oilfield


  • Demulsifiers


Property Units Value
Active content % 100
Flash point °C Login
Pour point °C Login
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Solubility % in water 1% is insoluble
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