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Outstanding oxidative stability and viscosity index boost for automotive gear system using Priolube™ 3997

Our team delivered a tailor-made viscosity index improver (VII) solution for Chelzar’s* automotive gear formulation. 

Chelzar develop high performance automotive gear oil formulations. 

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The need: viscosity index improver for automotive gear system

We were approached by Chelzar who had an interest in a viscosity index improver (VII) to be used within their automotive gear system to help them meet stringent performance targets.  

Due to the high temperature and high stress of the gear application enhanced oxidative stability was a vital requirement for the company.  

Additional requirements included:

  • Suitable compatibility with other ingredients
  • Good shear stability
  • Due to external factors the solution was also required to be delivered within a short timeframe. 

The solution: novel molecule development thanks to in-house synthetic chemistry expertise

To meet the Chelzar project timescale, a cross-functional approach was taken by our team and our in-house synthetic chemistry expertise led to the development of a novel molecule for the customer.  

Using Anton Paar Rapidoxy 100 equipment, our applications team based at our laboratories in East Yorkshire, UK, demonstrated dramatic improvements in oxidative stability of the chemistry.

To find out more about the Anton Paar Rapidoxy 100 oxidation stability tester click here.

Published by

  • Kevin Duncan Market Applications Specialist
Cross section of an electric central drive gearbox and fluids

The result: outstanding oxidative stability with Priolube 3997

More than 50% in oxidative stability versus an antioxidant free base oil was observed.

The enhanced oxidative stability allowed the oil to resist deposit formation and uphold viscosity, maintaining gear cleanliness and prolonging service intervals – offering more of a “fill for life” proposition for the customer.  

Due to close collaboration with our team of technical experts, outstanding oxidation stability was achieved in Chelzar’s automotive gear formulation with a tailor-made solution, Priolube 3997. 

Industry performance tests were successfully submitted by the company in the very short timeframe.  

Further “no harms” applications testing of Priolube 3997 showed that even at low inclusion levels the product gave rise to reduced deposit formation as well as improved in-use coefficients of friction.  

*The name of the customer has been changed
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