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Thermal energy storage

CrodaTherm™ phase change materials (PCMs) are a sustainable and cost-effective method to store and recycle heat in energy-intensive industries. With typical total heat capacities up to 230 kJ/kg, CrodaTherm can store large amounts of thermal energy making it suitable for consumer and industrial scale thermal energy storage (TES) projects. Thermal energy storage using PCMs allows energy to be stored for later use.

Most CrodaTherm products are derived from natural, renewable sources and are therefore the preferred option over pure paraffin PCMs, which are generally derivatives of non-renewable petrochemicals.

On the other hand, salt hydrates can also be used as PCMs. Whilst they are available in several grades, they may suffer instability over time especially in stationary applications. 

What is thermal energy storage (TES)? 

Thermal energy storage stocks thermal energy by heating or cooling a storage medium so that the stored energy can be used later for heating and cooling applications, such as increasing the thermal capacity of existing heating and cold storage systems.

The main application of TES systems is to improve thermal management in buildings and industrial processes, making them more efficient. Whilst materials with sensible heating properties can be used as a storage medium, by selecting a material with a phase-transition suitable for the operating conditions, latent heat properties of a phase transition can be used to improve the energy storage capacity of the material. As such, by moving through the phase change temperature (typically the melting and crystallisation point) large amounts of energy can be stored.

The stored heat can be used at another place or time, since the reverse process releases the heat initially stored in the product.

 PCM illustration v2

Extending electric vehicle range

In very cold climatic conditions, the driving range of an electric vehicle (EV) is significantly reduced by a range of up to 50% or more. To limit this reduction in range systems have been designed to provide cabin heating in EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) using a PCM. When the vehicle is connected to charge its traction battery, the system is also “charged” with thermal energy. This thermal energy is then stored in the PCM and is available for cabin heating during driving.

Brochure: Phase change materials

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Simulations performed with Magna KULI CFD software, modelled on BMW architecture

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HeatVentors case study

Read our case study to understand how HeatVentors used CrodaTherm in their thermal energy storage (TES) system reduce operating costs by 51%.
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Recommended products

CrodaTherm™ 15

CrodaTherm 15 is a bio-based organic phase change material that is used in temperature controlled packaging to control the temperature of sensitive goods. It is 100% bio-based and certified USDA bio-preferred, with excellent thermal properties.

CrodaTherm™ 19

CrodaTherm 19 is a bio-based organic phase change material that is used in temperature controlled packaging to control the temperature of sensitive goods. It is 100% bio-based and certified USDA bio-preferred, with excellent thermal properties.

CrodaTherm™ 21

CrodaTherm 21 is a readily biodegradable phase change material used in temperature controlled packaging and thermal energy storage applications.

CrodaTherm™ 24W

CrodaTherm 24W is a unique phase change material in the CrodaTherm brand, whereby it exhibits a wide melting and crystallisation profile, providing an excellent solution in applications with an temperature range between 18-24 ºC.

CrodaTherm™ 29

CrodaTherm 29 is ideal for use in textiles, HVAC and applications requiring above room temperature thermal management. CrodaTherm 29 has low flammability and is readily biodegradable.

CrodaTherm™ 32

CrodaTherm 32 is suitable for use in HVAC applications to reduce operating costs of new and existing installations. Its low flammability increases safety and it has an excellent sustainability profile as it is derived from bio-based sources.

CrodaTherm™ 37

CrodaTherm 37 can be used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to reduce energy consumption through free cooling.

CrodaTherm™ 47

CrodaTherm 47 is a specalised PCM available for energy storage, electronics and automotive applications where increasing energy efficiency through heat recovery is required.

CrodaTherm™ 5

CrodaTherm 5 is our best selling phase change material for temperature controlled packaging solutions. Its unique thermal profile with sharp melting and crystallisation peaks protects goods by keeping them at a constant temperature.

CrodaTherm™ 53

CrodaTherm 53 is a high temperature PCM, used in energy storage applications to manage heat effectively.

CrodaTherm™ 60

CrodaTherm 60 is used in battery thermal management and industrial heating systems to increase the thermal potential of heat management systems when capacity is limited.

CrodaTherm™ 6.5

CrodaTherm 6.5 is another one of our best selling phase change materials for temperature controlled packaging applications.

CrodaTherm™ 74

CrodaTherm 74 has been used in district heating systems for thermal management of HVAC systems, increasing the efficiency and heat storage potential of the system.

CrodaTherm™ 9.5

CrodaTherm 9.5 is a PCM on our range that is well used in temperature controlled packaging, where goods are shipped in isothermal containers which can keep the temperature of goods consistent for over 48 hours.

CrodaTherm™ ME29D

CrodaTherm ME29D is an acrylic core shell particle dispersion in water. The patented core-shell microcapsule technology is formaldehyde-free and the PCM core is derived from plant-based feedstocks.

CrodaTherm™ ME29P

CrodaTherm ME29P is a microencapsulated phase change material with a peak melting temperature of 29°C, which is supplied as a powder.

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