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Resources and literature

We are committed to supporting you to ensure you gain the maximum benefits from the speciality chemicals and additives we create.

Resources and literature are developed and reviewed by our team of global experts to support the use of our products and technologies. Resources include brochures, technical data sheets and presentations; containing everything from in-depth performance data to typical properties and benefits for our speciality products and applications.  

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Featured resources

Organic friction modifiers

This brochure demonstrates the performance of three Perfad™ friction modifiers We evaluate film forming properties and friction reduction in a variety of commercially available engine oils from.....


Speciality greases

We are a major supplier of high performance synthetic ester and polyalkylene glycol base oils, fatty acids, complex ester thickeners and corrosion inhibition additives into grease applications.


Rheology and dispersion control for catalyst manufacturing

An overview of our Hypermer™ dispersants Rheoptima™ rheology modifiers and our Multiwet™ wetting agents We explore mechanisms of action and key product advantages Our simple selection guides also.....

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