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Metalworking and forming

The metalworking industry is constantly undergoing change, driven by the demand for superior performance products to provide improved productivity at lower cost and by legislation. As technologies and working practices develop, base oil suppliers, additive suppliers and formulators must adapt quickly to support  the advances taking place.

We can help you meet the challenging requirements placed on your fluids. We supply ingredients suitable for use in all types of formulations across most metalworking and forming applications.

Close up view of lubricated metalworking with sparks
There are many different metalworking processes including drawing, stamping, blanking and grinding. It is important to tailor the formulation components to the demands of the particular application. 


Explore the relevant application areas below to find out more about how we can help you to meet the requirements of your fluids.

Brochure: Metalworking fluids

Metalworked industrial building frame under construction
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metalworking with fluid close up

Metalworking fluids

Enhancing processing efficiency by reducing wear, prolonging tool life and maintaining surface finish.

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rolled metal pipes

Metal rolling oils

Enhancing hot and cold metal rolling processes, in neat oils, water-in-oil emulsions and dispersions.

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water quenching fluid

Metal quenching fluids

Enhancing processing efficiency with excellent quenching properties, increased cooling and cost benefits and reduced risks.

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