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Wind turbine, lubricants assisting in the smooth generation of power, with shadow and a second shadow in a patch work field

Wind turbine lubricants

We supply ingredients for the formulation of wind turbine lubricants and greases, including base oils, solubilisers, friction modifiers and REWITEC™ surface repair lubricant additives.

As with many other lubricant applications, the demands placed upon gear oil lubricants are growing as contact pressures increase and oil lifetimes are expected to lengthen. In wind turbines especially, these oils have to withstand extremely high contact pressures and temperatures whilst at the same time providing adequate metal protection. One of the most crucial issues in modern gear oils is the occurrence of scuffing and micro-pitting leading to excessive wear or, in extreme circumstances, mechanical failure.

Wind turbines are a growing part of the global strategy to reduce the carbon intensity of generated electricity. There are now more than 350,000 wind turbines spinning all around the world, with tens of thousands added to the grid each year.

Wind turbines experience extreme environmental conditions, as well as high torsional and axial forces, creating engineering challenges. Wind turbines are expensive to repair and maintain, and so a significant amount of time and money is devoted to improving reliability.

Wind Turbine Nacelle interior with axle, gear box, clutch and cooling system

Brochure: REWITEC application guide

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Case study: REWITEC in wind turbines

Wind turbine, lubricants assisting in the smooth generation of power, with shadow and a second shadow in a patch work field
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Technical article: A comparison to alternative energy resources, reliability problems and solutions

Lubricated wind turbine pictured from above in a green field
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Base oils as part of a lubricant formulation used here in metalworking gears

Base oils for wind turbines

Ideal for the formulation of high-performance wind turbine lubricants

We have a long history in manufacturing base oils for lubricants and we offer a large range of both polyalkylene glycols (PAGs) and esters, from viscosities as low as 14.5mm²/s to 2000 mm²/s at 40°C.
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Our ester, Priolube™ 3970, is used extensively in wind turbine formulations, most notably in Siemens approved lubricants to improve additive solubility, whilst maintaining oxidative and hydrolytic stability. 

Friction modifiers 

Perfad™ 3100 is a friction modifier that can provide excellent friction reducing properties to wind turbine gear oils, more efficient power transfer and reduced running costs, whilst having minimal impact on water entrainment. It forms a durable film, most notably in the mixed and boundary regime where energy losses are high. Friction reducing effects have also been observed at high temperatures, as found in heavily loaded contact areas.

The graphs below demonstrates that Perfad 3100 can provide reduced friction over a range of different contact pressures, from 0.65 GPa up to 3.2 GPa at a constant speed of 0.05m/s.

Frictional properties of an industrial gear oil treated with Perfad 3100 across a range of contact pressures

Left: Measured using the MTM (steel ball - steel disc). Right: Measured using the MTM (steel barrel - steel disc). 

Perfad 3100 is just one example from our extensive range of organic polymeric friction modifiers that we have developed for extreme applications. You can view our entire range of friction modifiers here.

REWITEC™ surface repair additives

REWITEC is a Croda subsidiary that specialises in the longevity and energy efficiency of systems, machinery and gearboxes with a range of nano- and micro-particle based lubricant additives.  To read more about the REWITEC story, please click here 

Multiple research reports cite gearbox failure as the most common single cause of wind turbine breakdown. Our products extend the service life of gears and bearings to improve reliability, remove previous damage and increase efficiency. 

REWITEC is an innovative phyllosilicate-based nano- and micro-particle surface treatment technology. The active particles use the lubricant as a carrier and build through adsorption a protective and repairing silicon-based coating in gears or bearings of the wind turbine. In this way it reduces friction, wear, surface roughness and temperature. These effects provide a longer lifetime and higher efficiency for wind turbines. 

REWITEC products have been extensively tested by independent third parties and we have treated more than 3000 wind turbines around the world. We offer treatments for the gearbox oil, as well as the greases used within pitch, generator and main bearings as well as azimuth and pitch gears. 

Not only can already stressed systems and components benefit from the surface refinement of our patented silicate formulation, our products can also be used preventively. The reduction in friction and the resulting smoothing of the surfaces prevents damage even in new or nearly new drivetrains.  The results, like the extended service life of components, removal of previous damage and the positive impact on bearings, convince not only owners, operators, technical and commercial managers but also those companies involved in the service and maintenance business of wind turbines. This is why many renowned service firms use our products and services.  

Our technology offers


REWITEC products for wind turbines

REWITEC DuraGear® W100 

DuraGear™ W100 is a gearbox oil additive concentrate specifically designed for wind turbines. One litre of DuraGear W100 treats 100 litres of gearbox oil. DuraGear W100 is REWITEC silicate particle technology dispersed in a compatible oil which is applied directly into the gearbox of a wind turbine.  

DuraGear W100 offers the following benefits:

  • Repairs damaged gear surfaces within the gearbox
  • Increases smooth running and reduces wear (see below)
  • Extends the life of the lubricated component without having to make an additional investment in components like a new gearbox
  • Proven reduction in friction, increasing efficiency
  • Suitable for application in older wind turbines, as well as new or nearly new, to extend service life
  • We can manufacture DuraGear W100 to be compatible with any wind turbine gear oil. Just contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


GR400 is a high temperature grease, suitable for pitch, generator and main bearings and azimuth and pitch gears. It contains our patented silicate technology to reduce friction and wear. Suitable for complete replacement of an existing bearing grease and especially suitable where the existing grease has contamination from dirt or metal particles.  

Suitable for treating main bearings, pitch bearings, pitch gears, generator bearings and azimuth gears. GR400 can easily be applied on site, up tower. 

For existing greases with no contamination, we offer two concentrated versions, suitable for top treating existing greases:

  • GR400+5 is a higher concentration version of our GR400, suitable for top-treating existing greases where there is no contamination. One cartridge will treat 5kg of grease; the movement of the bearing is used to mix the GR400+5 into the existing grease.
  • GR400+10 is a higher concentration version of our GR400, suitable for top-treating existing greases where there is no contamination. One cartridge will treat 10kg of grease; the movement of the bearing is used to mix the GR400+10 into the existing grease.

Recommended products

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Priolube™ 3970

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Priolube™ 3987

Priolube™ 3987

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Priolube™ 2046

Priolube™ 2046

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