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Energy Technologies
Wind turbine, lubricants assisting in the smooth generation of power, with shadow and a second shadow in a patch work field

Wind turbine lubricants

We supply ingredients for the formulation of wind turbine lubricants and greases, including base oils, solubilisers and friction modifiers. We also offer REWITEC™ surface repair additives to prolong the lifetime of established wind turbines to improve their reliability.

If you are an oil formulator looking to develop the next generation of wind turbine gear oil lubricants, please read more on "Formulating for the future". If you are an owner or operator of a wind turbine and require surface treatment technology that will prolong the lifetime of your turbine, please read more in "Existing turbine repair".

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Lubricated wind turbine pictured from above in a green field
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Wind turbine at sunset

Formulating for the future

Our lubricant technologies for wind turbine gears and bearings allow oil formulators to create next generation oils and greases.
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Maintenance worker on top of a wind turbine

Existing turbine repair

Explore our technologies for prolonging the lifetime of your turbine.
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