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Hypermer™ KD7

Hypermer KD7 is a liquid dispersant with a high, ashless burn-out temperature that is compatible for use with alumina, ceria, titania and zirconia particle slurries. With a low-ion content, it can be used in catalyst manufacturing processes to improve the stability and reduce the viscosity of ceramic slurries. By reducing the viscosity of slurries, handling is improved whilst application of the washcoat is easier and faster when applied to the catalyst monolith.
Hypermer™ KD7
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Product details


  • Hypermer


  • Emission control catalysts


  • Other - Anionic dispersant

Feature and benefits

  • Reduce viscosity
  • Increase solids loading
  • Reduce agglomeration
  • Ash-free burn out
  • Very low level of residual impurities
  • Increase stability

Physical form

  • Liquid


  • Passenger cars (ICE & hybrid)
  • Heavy duty vehicles - Off road
  • Heavy duty vehicles - On road


  • Dispersants - Particle dispersants
  • Viscosity and rheology modifiers - Viscosity modifiers


Property Units Value
Active content % 40
Burn out temperature °C Login
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